Sunday, March 28, 2010

Three Paper Pigs -- featured ArtFire artisan!

This is the work of ArtFire artist Three Paper Pigs -- an original 5" x 5" collage on watercolour paper entitled "Numbers".  I really like this -- I find it pleasingly balanced and layered.

Three Paper Pigs was founded in 2004 by California artist Jeanne.  She says of her work, "When I go to an exhibit, craft fair or gift show, I'm always thinking of ways to replicate or reinvent what I see. Like today I went to a quilting and textile museum, and I started jotting down notes on how to wrap silk fabric around a pipe with thread, saturate it with Japanese dye, and ... see what I mean? I can't shut off my creative switch".

 I'm already picturing a grouping of these beautiful works -- original the collage above is entitled "Blue Mood".

Please check out Jeanne's shop at ArtFire!  Three Paper Pigs

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