Friday, April 16, 2010

Planet June -- featured ArtFire Artisan

I'm not one of those people who think everything in life has to be cute.  But sometimes you just need a dose of extreme cuteness, and if you can crochet (or know someone who will crochet for you, possibly for beer), then I recommend you check out Planet June's shop on ArtFire.

I know you want to crochet some alpacas.  Or this triceratops.   Hell, I think it's worthwhile learning to crochet for these cuties.

The artisan and pattern maker is fellow Canadian June Gilbank, and she sells these crochet patterns and many, many more from her ArtFire shop.  She's a technical writer, so she knows how to make these patterns (and the ones she sells for punchneedle embroidery) clear and easy to follow.  Which is a good thing for folks like me who can't crochet to save our lives :)

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