Monday, January 5, 2009

EclecticOddities -- Featured ArtFire Artisan

I love these glossy, rectangular OpArt magnets. I can picture them in all kinds of settings, from strictly modern and streamlined to warmer and retro. Each one is built on a wooden domino and embellished with Swarovski crystals by ArtFire seller EclecticOddities. This Connecticut-based former art and theatre teacher says of herself:

Retired art and theatre teacher at the High School level. A crafter, quilter, designer and seamstress for over 30 years. Love all things 4 footed and furry, as well as our feathered friends. Live with 4 cats and feed all the neighborhood strays. Have a variety of interests, thus the eclectic nature of my shop and handmade items.

This original collage, Paper Man, really appeals to me, too. I love the combination of warm and cool colours, smooth and rough textured edges and the whole theme of "I'm coming apart!" Beautiful and amusing!

If you'd like to check out EclecticOddities' shops, please follow the links below! (She's sold for a long time on Etsy under the name NoDuplicates).

EclecticOddities ArtFire Studio
NoDuplicates' Etsy Shop


  1. I really like both of her shops and the variety of items she makes. Those magnets are pretty cool.

  2. Cool magnets and collage.

    Thanks for the intro.

  3. Wow, what a nice surprise! I believe this is a first for me. You have definitely made my week!

  4. I"m so glad you're happy, jed! I love your work.