Thursday, January 1, 2009

Jewelscapes -- Featured ArtFire Artisan

How gorgeous is this ring? It is currently the avatar of Jewelscapes, and I love it so much I had to track down the seller. Washington artisan Deanna Dierks makes more than just rings, of course, but I've chosen these items because they appeal so much to me, personally. I love her chunky, bold style, with lots of wire and lots of attitude! This ring features a magnesite nugget. Yummy!

She says of herself:

I create from my humble home in the middle of our forested 20 acres. I look out my "studio" window, through a breathtaking patch of Aspen trees, through a peaceful field to some sweeping hills. Our little seasonal creeks miniature waterfalls gurgle and provide fun mini hiking adventures for me and the kids durring the day and then when they are all seemingly angelically asleep at night - I create my and your Jewelscapes handmade jewelry!

The ring above features three faceted lapis lazuli stones. I've always loved lapis lazuli because I was really interested in Ancient Egypt when I was a kid, and I'm still fascinated by this gorgeous, intense stone. This is a GREAT product photograph, too.

Jewelscapes has an Etsy shop, too, but Deanna notes that because ArtFire is a less expensive venue for her, that she's able to pass on the lower overhead costs to her customers when they buy from her via ArtFire. At the time of writing, she also offers free shipping worldwide on many of her smaller items, and free shipping in the States on many of the larger ones.

This is beautiful work, and tremendously good value.

Jewelscapes ArtFire Studio
Jewelscapes Etsy Shop

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  1. Both rings are absolutely gorgeous! The brilliant colors are amazing. Wonderful.