Monday, December 29, 2008

Nothin' But Wood -- Featured ArtFire Artisan

I love miniatures. They appeal to the child in me (as I suspect they do for many of us), so I was captivated when I saw these tiny doors. Newfoundland artisan Kerry (of Nothin' But Wood) has created these small, decorative gnome or fairy doors for your garden, and I think they're adorable. From the hinge to the doorknob to the tiny lion's head door knocker, this one looks perfect.

Here's what Kerry says about this aspect of his work:
My interest in this unusual and, some might say, 'odd', path originated from a lady in Western Canada. This lady, who has her garden predominantly decorated with things "whimsical" was purchasing Gnome doors from the UK and found them to be terribly expensive. That, and the cost of high shipping, was adding insult to injury for her. She simply asked me "Hey Kerry, can you make these?" She showed me a picture of a Gnome door. I immediately purchased some plans, read them over and decided to make them my OWN way. :)

If you've never heard of garden gnomes, gnome doors and the like, you're missing out on a lot of charming fun -- and probably a dash of good luck, too. The Wee Folk are especially at home in gardens and backyards; if you make them welcome, they'll repay your kindness with healthy plants and pets, keeping your karma in order all the while. :)

Kerry also uses his scroll saw to make custom portraits of people. I'm so happy I found this talented Canadian craftsman, and look forward to seeing more of his pieces. You can investigate all his work at his ArtFire Studio!

Nothing' But Wood's ArtFire Studio


  1. Thank you so much Nina! I am flattered.

    Hope your Christmas is going well and a Happy New Year to you too!

    Kerry. :)

  2. Thank YOU, Kerry -- your work is just enchanting. Happy New Year!