Thursday, December 18, 2008

Eleven days of listings on ArtFire

I just want to draw your attention to ArtFire Artisan Rock Creek Creations' article comparing the number of listings in various categories on ArtFire on Dec. 2 with the number on Dec. 13. You can read the article on her blog here.

It's an interesting snapshot of the growth in listings that's been taking place on ArtFire lately, and if you're following the fortunes of this new site, you may be interested.


  1. This is great to see! I think that Art Fire is definitely learning from others and is really trying to listen to their customer (us business owners).

  2. Well, listings are certainly increasing, which is a good sign. And the number of available Verified Artisan accounts keeps going down.

    I think, just as we need a certain "critical mass" of items in our individual stores before people really start to buy, that a site like ArtFire needs a critical mass of sellers and items for sale before it becomes a destination.