Monday, December 22, 2008

cctexan3 -- Featured ArtFire Artisan

I first noticed cctexan3 on the ArtFire Forums. She is clearly a gracious and generous individual, and I liked her just for the sense I get of her being fully human and very kind.

Then I checked out her Studio. Man, can this nice woman make jewellery!

I fell in love with the colours of this necklace, but it's the name that clinched it for me: "Crabby Diva Agate Necklace". As a certified, 100%, all-natural Diva (often crabby, it must be admitted) how could I resist? :)

Turns out that cctexan3, the artisan behind the necklace, named it after the gorgeous crab agate that sets the tone for this piece, and matching earrings and bracelet, all available at her ArtFire Studio.

This 44 year old artistic mother (of an artistic daughter) says of herself and her work:
Howdy From Texas! I love jewelry and making glamorous Diva Style pieces. My style is loud and proud, big and bold... ( I m a Texan remember?)

I love making jewelry and teaching classes with senior citizens. I kind of fell into this; it is a hobby gone wild. I could no longer keep giving my stuff away since everyone had so many pieces of mine. So with my moms urging, I began to expand into shows, getting registered with the state for sales, business plans and all that jazz. I forgot how much time goes into owning my own business but I would not trade it for the world!

I empathize with the hobby gone wild, part, cc -- I think many of us do! And I love bold, myself. Well, I would, wouldn't I? :)

This necklace is the "Blueberry Surprise", made with dyed blue magnesite nuggets, red coral and pewter Bali style beads. Another bold and beautiful work of art from a very talented designer and a very kind and generous soul. Bless you!

cctexan3's ArtFire Studio
cctexan3's Etsy shop