Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Top Shelf Totes -- Featured Art Fire Artisan

How much do I covet this wristlet? A lot. Look at it: the perfect size, the perfect shape and that fabulous fabric. That's no accident, of course. Its creator, Top Shelf Totes from Los Angeles, is drawn to designs and fabrics that reflect her practical bent. As she says on her blog:

I hope you enjoy these. I can’t wait to use one of these sets on my next cruise. I think the wood handle tote with a wristlet would be perfect for my offshore time. I can pack it flat in my suitcase, but use it to collect whatever souvenirs I find while off the ship. Then I can use the wristlet back on the ship to carry the few things I need when out and about. I haven’t decided which fabric I’m going to use for myself… so many fun prints to hcoose from!

Anyway, as I continue to create, I am slowly realizing what I want my main focus to be. I’ve made many different designs, but a few really stand out to me. Especially the designs that I think work well for travel needs. I’m an avid traveler and am always thinking of new things to use on the road.

I adore the range of fabrics she's picked and each item looks well-made and sturdy as well as attractive.

She's just opened up a shop on Art Fire (she was already selling on Etsy) and she's started blogging not only about her craft, but about the growth and challenges of Art Fire.

It's well worth a read!

TopShelfTotes at Art Fire
TopShelfTotes Blog


  1. Hi Dangerous Mezzo! Thank you so much for featuring me on your blog! What a nice surprise to wake up to.